March 8, 2021

First, Coffee! w/ Katrina Tolentino

First, Coffee! w/ Katrina Tolentino

This week on Anywhere is Home we have special guest, Katrina Tolentino. We'll be talking about COVID's impact on our ideas of home, the internal vs. external concept of home and coffee! Kat's vulnerability and openness to diving deep about her idea of home provides a great example of how the journey of home is ever changing and ever growing, just like we are. 

Kat is a fellow Filipina who loves facilitating connections and building community. She creates opportunities and experiences that foster connective tissue between diverse groups to build stronger ecosystems. Currently, she is the Executive Director of Naturally Austin, a nonprofit that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, brands, retailers, and industry experts to make Austin the best place to launch and scale a natural products company. 

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