Feb. 15, 2021

Die to Your Preferences w/ Danielle Medina

Die to Your Preferences w/ Danielle Medina

This week on Anywhere is Home we have special guest, Danielle Medina. We'll be talking about human connection, loneliness, God, making art and so much more! 

Being in the middle of a pandemic, human connection and isolation is no longer an unheard of topic. Listen to how my favorite introvert has been inspired to get social. Danielle Medina, is a current missionary for St. Paul's Outreach in Aitchison, KS. She owns her own online store YOURS Art. Check out her awesome gouache and watercolor paintings and printed works at her website: www.yoursart.com or follow her on Instagram, @yours___art ! If you've got a moment, I'd peep her beautiful artist statement while you're at it! 


A Rm. 19 Production

Hosted and mixed by Julia Relova

Produced by Jamie Kreppein and Imani Davis

Music by Zachary Relova