March 15, 2021

Chicken Piccata and Kid Spies w/ Jordan Tragash

Chicken Piccata and Kid Spies w/ Jordan Tragash
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This week on Anywhere is Home we are featuring film and theatre creative, Jordan Tragash. We talk about moms, food, books, childhood homes and so much more. 

Jordan is a Queer Chicago-based Artist and Filmmaker. Most recently he was the recipient of the Pentimenti Emerging Filmmaker Award for his upcoming short film By A Thread. His most recent project, Neighbors was featured on the wonderful Instagram page Chicago Made Shorts. Jordan loves to explore intersectional human stories through image and sound as he seeks to understand the absurdity of the human condition and the fallacy of the American experience. 

Links to:

COMPANY IS COMING (Mom cleaning meme)

Chicken Piccata Recipe (but not Jordan's) 


A Rm. 19 Production

Hosted and mixed by Julia Relova

Produced by Jamie Kreppein and Imani Davis

Music by Zachary Relova

Cover Art by Jasmine Martinez